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May 11, 2010
I have a neighbor who has fallen upon hard times. When we first met him he admired our 1949 Case tractor my husband got in exchange for transmission work. Restored to immaculate condition, this tractor had retired to tractor shows and so forth. The neighbor laughed at having a 'non-working' tractor and crowed about his state of the art fleet. Deluxe cab with computers, air conditioning, cd player and so forth.

He was a kind fella, though, and helped my husband purchase used tractors for our haying operation. The last few years have been tough on the small farmer, and this fella fell on hard times. He was forced to sell a major portion of his land due to his wife's illness. His fleet of tractors diminished but his man refused to give up. He was a farmer at heart, and throughout his ordeal, he managed to keep one tractor which originally belonged to his father. He kept it for sentimental reasons and this is what I saw during my morning walk:


Farmer don't give up. They bring out the antiques and put them to work.
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