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Feb 7, 2010
I have 24 3 week old chicks and I was wondering when you guys think I could move them to the outside shed (with a heat lamp)? I live in Maine, but the temperature has been mid-upper 30s during day and 20s during the night. So, when do you guys think I could move them outside?

Thanks in advance!!
you don't say how big you shed is, or how draft free it is but if you wall off a corner with hay or something (insulation) and have them in a covered box with the heat lamp, you might want 2 so if one burns out they still have heat. you should be fine. you will need to keep an eye an them so if it gets to cold you can fix it.
Only way to really answer that is to put a thermometer under the light in the shed and tell us how warm it is early morning
I would guess that you'll be good by about 4-5 weeks, 6 at the latest.

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