Outside sitting in ugly chair in the middle of my lawn watching flock graze.

Of course we do! Just moments ago I was sitting in on concrete blocks in our unfinished yard, letting the chickens graze. In fact, I just dug a bug out of my hair! Ooh, the chickens would love it ( ;) )

And welcome to BYC!!
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That's nothing. You've only just begun to be a crazy chicken person! Just wait until you're caught baby talking to them, or visiting your chickens while still in your pajamas. Or when your neighbor says something about the weather and you take that as an opportunity to talk about your chickens for 10 minutes. I'm sure I'm missing some :)
its funny cause we got chickens thinking EGGS!! but they are amazingly social and hilarious to watch. i had no idea! now i can't imagine not having chickens in my life!!
and I'm fairly sure that they are okay with that. stupid neighbors!! :) but i am making my mission that they at least stop looking at me like the Mary Poppins "toppins a bag" bird lady. :)

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