over grown bottom beak


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7 Years
Oct 20, 2012
we got 4 nova brown hens last week

and one of them has a over grown bottom beak, it had been eating fine untill last night when i took there dinner scraps out, i noticed it seemed to struggle getting the food, like i said it has been fine until last night

how do we trim it????

i read on the internet that it could be a sign of something more serious???

thanks Anna
A friend had this with her chicken but it learned how to eat and they left it like that. I thought it was mean at first but she seemed happy enough...
She might need a bowl that she can scoop food out of, and moistened food because it's easier to pick up. I don't have any experience with it, but I've read many times of people trimming beaks (and toenails) with clippers or a file. As I understand it, there is a blood supply that extends into the beak and nail, similar to a dog's nails, so the trick is to trim a small amount at a time.

Here's an article on helping chickens eat who have cross beak or an overgrown beak. Not the same thing, but the approaches should be similar:


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