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overlapping hatches - is it OK?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by tallyho, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. tallyho

    tallyho Songster

    Aug 24, 2010
    Can I stick a few new eggs into the incubator while the old ones are in lockdown? The turner would be off and the humidity high. And I would be committing the sin of opening the incubator sometime during those last 4 days to put the new eggs in. How deadly is this situation to the new eggs and the old ones? Should I just chill and wait until the current hatch is over to be safe?

  2. Funky Feathers

    Funky Feathers former Fattie

    Jan 15, 2009
    My Coop
    I do it all the time and still have good hatches. [​IMG]
  3. Robo

    Robo Songster

    Jul 15, 2010
    In lockdown I have to open the incubator to keep the humidity up and still have 90% hatches. What kind of incubator do you have?
  4. ga_goat

    ga_goat Songster

    Apr 7, 2010
    Lowndes County Ga
    It would be UNUSUAL here to not have overlapping hatches but I don't use styrofoam , overlapping works well with a cabinet style incubator . it's a little harder to do with the tabletop models
  5. tallyho

    tallyho Songster

    Aug 24, 2010
    So it's OK to do even with breaking important rules?

    I have a wonderful Roll-x. I could quickly lift up the lid and throw the new eggs in and maybe not lose too much humidity. And maybe the hatching babies will roll the eggs around for me 'till I get them out of there and plug the turner back in.[​IMG]
  6. swheat

    swheat The Bantam Barn

    Mar 18, 2008
    My Coop
    I think you will do fine with a Roll-X, I have 2 of them. Great incubators, I get the highest % of hatches when I use my Roll-X's, I just wished they would hold more eggs...[​IMG]

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