P90X Anyone?


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May 22, 2010
My husband and I purchased the Team Beachbody workouts P90X and ChaLean Extreme. I did ChaLean Extreme, although not very well and not very long and that is no longer acceptable. I'm looking for buddies to do P90X with - I need to check in and tell you that I did or didn't do it and have just enough guilt if I haven't done it yet to stay up late at night and work out after my toddler is in bed. Anyone in? Anyone do P90X around here?
A lot of the teenage guys I know do it
I just got mine in the mail today... I have to get a few things like a bar or bands and then I'll be into it. I'm not crazy about changing my diet, but whatever works I guess.
lol... too painful.

I was in the service and it (seems at least) to be very close to basic training kinda stuff. I know what I looked like at the end of my OSUT training... and if they can get me to look that way again... I'll go ahead and feel that pain!
actually you get to eat like a horse on it..just the correct things..say "no" to McD's..

Eww. I'm not crazy about mcd's anyways. My mother was a GM and my father had to feed us when I was growing up... that is about all I ever ate when he was in charge. It's gross. My mother... the complete opposite - she's all about some organic this and veggie that. I think I have taken after her afterall. McD's makes you literally sick... why would someone WANT that?!?!?

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