Packing peanuts?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by cindyanne1, May 2, 2009.

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    I've seen that term here and there and I think I know what it is... it's when hatcheries put a few extra chicks in with your order, right? And you may not know what breed or sex they are?

    How often do hatcheries do this? Is it something they all do or just some of them? Are you more likely to have it done if you've ordered a small amount of chicks?
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    Yes, packing peanuts are those few extra chicks thrown into the box just for warmth. They are usually roos but sometimes not. In very small orders, they use a heat-pack instead of extra chicks but if no heat pack is used, yes you will get packing peanuts.
    I got a barred rock roo as a packing peanut and an extra cornish x in with my group of 26 chicks (total 28) from Murray McMurray.
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    It depends on the quantitiy you purchased and the time of year that you purchased. I have placed 6 orders from Ideal Poultry over the last few years. Each order was typically for 10 - 12 animals whether they were chicks, ducks or geese. Only once did I get packing peanuts.

    Edited to add - Some of the hatcheries, if you request it will NOT send packing peanuts, but then you may need to pay extra for Insurance.
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    oh that what a packing peanut is.[​IMG]
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    You can also request that if they deem it necessary for you to have packing peanuts due to a small order that they send pullets.

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