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Feb 26, 2008
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I took my chick that has the broken leg to the vet this morning. He wasnt able to "set" the leg as its broken at the hock, but he did wrap it to attempt to stabilize the leg. When I told him that I was giving childrens Motrin for pain/discomfort, the vet said stop the Motrin as it contributed to kidney decline. So, what does anyone else use?
Thanks for the quick response. This vet did say to use the aspirin, but he was not a "bird vet" and I didn't know if he actually knew or not. I did discontinue the baby motrin and will switch over to the aspirin tonight to keep her comfortable. He did also mention that in addition to her leg being broken at the hock, the tendon, flexor tendon I think that is what he said, was damaged thus she is not able to flex her foot or grasp onto a perch with that foot. He wrapped the leg from the top of the hip to the foot in order to stabilize it and straighten out the broken leg. He did not recommend amputation as it is a final step with no going back. She has actually grown and has put on more weight which I think is a contributing factor in the refracture of the bone. It did stabilize initally after the original break, but now that she is going on 4 weeks old, her leg just couldn't stand the additional stress/weight. Being that the leg is wrapped from top to bottom, ambulation is almost nil. I'm trying to keep her as immobile as possible while keeping her comfortable, fed and hydrated. I had thought of getting her a chick buddy since the local hardware has gotten chicks in for easter. Thought on the companionship issue?
Aspirin is always used for pain with chickens...plain old reg. 5 tablets to a gal. of water....
I use Rescue Remedy for pain for people so I also use it on chickens. When our cat was attacked a couple of weeks ago and ripped up here and there, he actually fell asleep a bit while I worked on cleaning him up.

Open wounds and abscesses we wash out with Grapefruit Seed Extract diluted with water. Since we started using that, I'm not fighting with infection. It's amazing.

Read about comfrey - it will help the broken bone heal faster.
The rescue remedy you could put a few drops in their water. The dropper is very small. I've also heard/read about people just rubbing it onto soft tissues - like in the mouth or around the eyes. One homeopathic vet states that she 'flicks' it towards the eyes of panicked animals - such as wild cats - and then waits for it to calm them down.

At one time you could only find it at health food stores but it might be otherplaces now. Sometimes it is sold under the name Nature's Remedy.

The Grapefruit Seed Extract normally comes with directions for different uses. I normally put a few drops into some hot water and mix it up.

The comfrey you could make a poltice or make a tincture or tea and then give a bit to the bird. I've never used it for this - I've only read about using it to mend broken bones. It is just starting to come back here - so it might be something you could feed to the chicken with some other greens. Once it is larger the chickens leave it alone - probably because it is a little 'furry'.
I forgot to say that we used a combination of Rescue Remedy and homeopathic arnica drops to keep our dog quiet the night he died. He had cancer and was in alot of pain. I needed to find something that would keep him quiet and calm until we could take him to the vet in the morning. Of course, it was a Sunday night when it all came to a head. He started having seizures and crying. But if I gave him the RR and arnica, he'd stop the seizures and go to sleep.

He died in his sleep around 3 or 4 am. Did the herbs/RR kill him? The amount that he was given wouldn't have killed him. I'm convinced they are the only relief he had that awful night. Since then, we've given it to other animals for pain and no one has died. We use it in the family for pain as well. Sometimes it is even better than aspirin or tylenol - depending on the cause of pain.

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