Paint Ameraucana, GL/Isabel/Lavender Orps, Blue Orps, SA Breeds 24HRs!


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Alrighty, I'm full, so here are the offers- I can't make myself eat projects.

Winning bidder gets to choose whether they want all of one breed or a mixed set.

#1 Paint Ameraucana Project - These do not yet breed true because it's a project in refinement. They are not an accepted color. 8+ starts at $15 plus $15 shipping, as I ship in foam and double box.

#2 South American Breeds- These are from my pen which has a Nikkei X Nikkei/Mapuche Huastec , and my Raraku pen. The offspring will not have a standardized color, will have a minute crest, and variable comb. These are a lanky, light-bodied bird and are excellent foragers. They will be friendly and personable if handled often as chicks, but are very capable and will choose to roost high in trees if not socialized well when young. Mine lay almost daily, medium off-white eggs. 8+ starts at $15 plus $15 shipping, as I ship in foam and double box.

#3 Blue Orpingtons- These are from a GIANT Black roo (Goliath) over huge Splash and Blue hens. There will be about 75% Blue offspring and no Splash. These are bred to American Standard and for docile personality. I sold most of my B/B/S flock this winter, choosing only this small flock of exceptional keepers. 8+ starts at $15 plus $15 shipping, as I ship in foam and double box.

#4 Lavender/Isabel/Porcelain/GL Orpington Project - These are still in project phase and not all of the offspring will be fully diluted, while all will be carrying the Lavender gene. A very small portion will be incompletely Gold Laced, hatching a ruddy brown. The majority will be Lavender or Isabel, with some Mottled Lav, and statistically, we ought to be encountering rudimentary Porcelain. 8+ starts at $15 plus $15 shipping, as I ship in foam and double box.

These will ship Monday. I am NPIP and AI-free certified. No guarantees due to shipping debacles, but I always try to make certain folks get fluffy chicks.

There are many pics on my old auctions and my BYC page.
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Shipping Tuesday right since Monday is a holiday?
I am totally..
Hi Renee!
I really like the paint Ameraucana's.
What color egg do they lay?
I am starting a "hen pen" for the kids and a couple of those would be pretty in the group.
These are nearly all laying a very good blue egg, one is a bit lavender tinted, and one is a pinkish beige. All birds have excellent homozygous pea combs and they are under a SQ Black Blehm roo, an excellent Blehm Lavender roo, and a great Paint project roo. I'm still improving these birds, so occasional anomalies show up. The egg color of all of the offspring ought to be blue or green, and that will take some work.

Because the girl who lays beige is otherwise nearly perfect, I'm continuing to hatch her eggs. The egg color can be improved, but I don't want to lose her type.

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