Pair of Barred Rocks FS - Vermont


10 Years
Jul 4, 2009
Barton VT



I have for sale and pick up only....I mean Spice, the Roo is a hefty guy....a pair of Barred Rocks. I raised these 2 from eggs and are very attached to them. I hate to see them go, but I need to slim down the flock to make room for the breeds I want to concentrate on. Hopefully these 2 will go to a GREAT home and get spoiled. Very good to hold and will eat out of my hand. First ones to come running in the summer when I come out the door (think I have treats all the time). The Roo's name is Spice and the hen's name is "B" (or Beebee). She is laying a large brown egg every other day and since he is in there with her, they are fertile for sure. Thanks for looking! I am in Barton, Vermont
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