Pale Comb and twitchy head movements

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    Feb 26, 2011
    Hello, I seem to be having a growing problem with my flock of 35 hens. They range in age from 8 months to 6 years old, but this seems to be affecting only the younger birds at this point. 4 days ago, I notice a hen who was puffed up, comb pale and occasionally shaking her head. No discharge from her nostrils. She had lost a lot of weight. I brought her inside, treated with antibiotics and a molasses based poultry drench. I thought she might have an infected crop or impacted crop, but who knows. She died yesterday.
    Tonight I noticed 2 other hens with the pale combs (which I know they did NOT have last week) and exhibiting the same head shake motion, maybe every minute or so. They are both still eating and acting relatively normal.
    Any ideas? I plan to bring them inside to get them warm and treat with antibiotics but am I over reacting? Or doing the wrong thing. Thanks for any comments/help.
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    The birds which are 8 months old don't have the immunity the 6 year old birds do. Anemic symptoms like pale combs often begin with problems in the intestinal tract such as protozoa, intestinal worms, bacterial enteritis. I'd worm them all with Albendazole or Fenbendazole once, and again 10 days later. In between wormings, run Amprolium for 5-7 days in the waterers, then follow up with poultry vitamin-probiotic soluble powder for 2-3 days. It helps to supplement vitamins-electrolytes a couple times a week, Probios once a week. In the future, I'd suggest not mixing ages of birds. You'll find it is easier to maintain their health in most cases.
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    I would also check them over good for lice/mites. They will kill chickens.
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