Panting & Hot feet and bill


Jul 27, 2016
My baby is a Canada goose I am not sure if it is a male or female. I found it with a broke leg and rescued it. It was about a week old, so it is now about 9 weeks has just started panting a lot..not eating as much as usual and more withdrawn.. any ideas or suggestions.. it stays in the house

That sounds like it's hot and overheating. They do wear a down coat 24/7. Have you tried letting it swim in some nice cool water? What have you been feeding it?

Also, it is illegal for you to have it - you can't take any wild native birds out of the wild and into your care unless you are a licensed wildlife rehabber. I would suggest turning this baby over to one because if you are caught with it you will face fines and potentially even jail time. If you were thinking you would just release it when it's older, you can't - raised by you and not a rehabber, it's not going to be predator savvy. Plus, they don't instinctually migrate - they have to be shown the migration routes. So it won't be able to migrate when winter comes because it doesn't have parents to show it how and where to go.
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THANK YOU for reaching out to me
I am feeding it scratch and flock raiser.. yes, I let it get in the pool but only when I am out there with it.. I am going through the Wildlife Association to be a rescuer.. I have a bill of sale for it.. I have covered all the basis(I think for me to have it) I will Not be releasing it..It is my baby we are too attached It did drink more water last night than normal So, maybe because it is getting more feathers it is getting hotter??
I am clueless There is no close vet to me 3 hours is closest
I would stop feeding it scratch, there's little of nutritional value in it. Flock raiser is fine, you might want to add some additional niacin in the form of Brewer's Yeast but if you're not seeing any leg problems that's not 100% necessary. I would also let him out on some grass to let him graze - grass is very beneficial to them, it's what he would be eating all the time if he were wild.

Yep, if it's getting more feathers in it's likely to be getting hot. I'm not sure where you are but even here in New England the weather has been scorching (for us at least) and my geese are practically living in their pool right now to keep cool. They get pretty sluggish and don't want to move much when they're hot (just like us). Try adding some electrolytes to his water to keep him hydrated (Sav A Chick is sold at most feed stores) and you could also try a vitamin supplement like Nutri-Drench, which as a bonus also has niacin in it.

Glad to hear you can keep him! I was thinking you took him out of the wild but it sounds like you bought him which is perfectly legal and fine.
Thanks again... I will look for some brewers yeast and sav a chick.. I have some electrolytes I will put some in his water and let him swim every night to see if it will help.. With that being said... since it is so hot , when I bring it in to the cool house is that a concern?? extreme temperature change?? will it make him sick? I use the hair dryer on him so he isn't so cold..

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