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Feb 17, 2011
South East TN
If you are using paper towels over bedding, how long are you planning to keep the paper towels on there? My chicks are 6 days old and they love to destroy the paper towels. As soon as I put them down they start pulling them back so they can scratch in the Aspen bedding. But I read they may confuse it with food and eat it? Is it safe at this point to remove the paper towels. None appear to have any leg issues at all.
Ok, I removed the paper towels and they all immediately started scratching, cutest thing ever! None appeared to be eating it. They might have held it in their beak for a brief second, but they quickly dropped it. They dug a deep hole in the bedding though in several places, should I go back and flatten it back out?
No, because they'll just dig another hole
I wouldn't worry about it too much. In a few days they'll be dustbathing in their shavings and making a right mess all the time.
I don't use paper towels at all. When the chicks arrive, I put them directly IN their feeder. Once they know what's food, they may still pick up a piece of the shavings from time to time, but they know where their food is. I've never had a problem with doing it this way.

Baby chicks are just like human peeps. Everything has to go in the mouth to be investigated.
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