Paralyzed Chicken, need help.

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    Dec 15, 2012
    Please help, my rooster about to go on a year is now paralyzed, he started acting like this two weeks ago, before any real symptoms. When i first noticed he was hurt, i noticed he wasn't crowing. After this, he started showing signs as if his wing were broken, and i didn't know what to do and i thought maybe he just hurt it, but never broke it. A few days had gone by, and i had just came back from school to find him in the back of the coop face down, and not moving. I go inside to grab some gloves to remove him. i come back out, and i go and try to pick him up, he was still alive! I quickly rush him in to my garage and got a very nice bed made for him and a warm heater up close to him to keep him nice and warm. Well the next week goes by, and i noticed he was not getting any better, so i continued feeding him, giving him fresh water and so forth. Today i came home to find him, not moving anything but his head, and his legs out stretched but stiff. I tried standing him up and when i did, his legs were in the same position, and he fell face back down. I decided to prop him up and try to keep him warm, and well fed, and relaxed. He hasn't made a sound for the longest time, and i'm on the verge just to euthanize him and stop letting him suffer, cause at this point thats all he's doing. Please help, and thank you for your time.

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    It sounds like mareks disease.

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