Part time sitting, to full time sitting will eggs be ok ?


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6 Years
Jul 24, 2013
I have 2 ducks, shipped in a dozen fertile scovy eggs, 1 duck was sitting part time ( night only ) for about 5 days, since yesterday both ducks have been broody in the same nest, i removed one of the ducks and stopped her getting into the nest so now 1 is sitting on 6 eggs, because they went going broody when i got the eggs in i took 6 eggs and started to incubate them myself, now she is sitting well should i add the other 6 eggs under her? i find she has trouble enough sitting on all 6 so should i keep incubating the other 6 myself? i am trying to get the other duck to go broody in a different location that way i would give her the incubating eggs, suggestions and thoughts please help

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