Partridge cochins? Wassup?


13 Years
Jun 21, 2009
I saw a picture of one and fell in love
So I ordered one chick in my next batch because the feathers are pretty.

So anyone who has em....Please share what is wonderful about them. What are they like.

I hear cochins are very friendly.

Just curious - I figure there has to be more about them here!

I think cochins are the best! My LF partridge pullet laid my first egg yesterday- so she is especially special to me! The only bad thing is they are not good layers. She is 8 months old, and out of 40+, she is the first to lay an egg!
I have speckled sussex, silver laced wyandottes, cochin bantams, seramas, and frizzles. The cochin bantams are by far my favorites. They are extremely friendly. Funny to watch, and I just love to watch them waddle when they run. Only expect about 3 eggs a week from each hen. They are older than most chickens before they start to lay.
Yes, I heard that the cochins are not good layers but I don't care. I have some wonderful layers already and decided it was time to find a chicken pet for me. I am getting her because I saw one once at a chicken swap, a bantam, and the person selling her had no idea what kind of chicken it was so I decided to wait and someone else purchased her and I regretted not buying that little chick - so I went on a mission to find out what kind of chicken she was and finally I found the MPC site with the larger partridge cochins. I know cochins are big feather balls and poor layers but good sitters. I hear people talking about how sweet they are and frankly - I am nutz about all my chickens but they are not so nuts about me. They sort of tolerate me unless I have treats or berries to share. Once in a while one will sit on my lap but very infrequently. I am very happy with the good layers I have, we get 4 eggs a day on a good day and that is enough. I also ordered some marens selfishly because I am facinated with their eggs. I also have 4 cochin mixed chicks in my daughters bathroom and a phoenix. Two are males and I know bantams can be fierce....shortman's attitude. I may or may not keep them. I think I will keep the girls but trade or swap the boys. They are totally cute! I will have to post some pictures. Now they are bigger.

I guess I was hoping for pictures - if anyone reading this has a partridge cochin large or bantam I would love to see pictures.

Here is one of mine with her first hatch. Belle is a very sweet girl and from what I can tell a very good mommy.
They are lovely sweet birds. I got my large fowl when they were almost POL, and they never really "bonded" with me. The others that I raised from chicks were more friendly. If you are going to order a banty girl- you're set! Bantam cochin girls are the best!
As for the LF- the partridge still need a lot of work. I haven't seen many that really look like cochins. They remind me more of Brahmas.

I have a partridge cochin and at 7 months old she went broody! I only let her sit on 2 eggs and they both hatched
I love partridge cochins and although mine has a big ego she is wonderfull.
I love my Blk Frizzle Cochin banty girl. Very sweet and friendly. Also have a Cochin Banty girl that is a mottled. Nice girls. White Leghorn Banty girl....not friendly, and skittish.
Rochester, MA
My partridge cochin hen (previously pictured) is starting to lay consistantly - bless her heart!!!!

I have given some of her eggs to my neighbor (mainelyseramas) who is an expert at incubating!

I have my fingers crossed that I get chicks from this typey hen!!!!
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