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Dec 17, 2009
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These are my TWO Hatchery Partridge rocks. They are 4 months old. . .

This one is much lighter than the next one. This one is called NOW



This one is darker than the first and is called LATER.



I am looking for two things - - -

1.) I want to see some your pictures of your PARTRIDGE ROCKS.

2.) I want to have my birds critiqued by some people who are familiar with the standards. . . . I am sure the birds have many issues and that is OK. I just want to start learning what PARTRIDGE ROCKS should look like.

Thanks to all !
SERIOUSLY - - - no feedback ? ? No pictures ? ?

I know you are out there

Are there no fellow partridge rock owners out there ? ?

Did I post this in the wrong forum ? ?

Almost 24 hours since my last post and I am still waiting for my fellow partridge rock fans to join me on this thread - - -
Beautiful gals, I have one partridge rock from Ideal, she looks very similar to your first girl. I think you might get more responses if you looked up the plymoth rock thread.
WHOA! That's a Partridge Rock? Drat and not drat.

Drat because I was hoping my girls that look like that from MPC's "assorted brown egg layer females" would be Welsummers. That was the closest thing to what they look like in the catalogs I have (from Meyer, McMurray, Stromberg, and Ideal? I have a collection of catalogs, lol.). These catalogs SERIOUSLY need more baby chick pictures.

Not drat because I was hoping to eventually get some Partridge Rock. The "speckeled wonders" from the same group (as in "I wonder what these speckeled ones are???) seem to fit Barred Rock more than Dominique with comb style. They are the most friendly of all the pullets from that order.

Do you know what color egg they are supposed to lay? Dark, medium, or light brown?
Mine are at POL, but no egg yet. I know it will be brown - - -should be light or medium.

The partridge rocks are very similar to the welsummer to the untrained eye. Same shade of brown, same leg color, same statue. You must look closely at the feathering . .. . the partridge rock will have penciling that has partridge pattern. The welsummers will have a straight gold brown line in the middle of each feather. It is hard to tell them apart because they use the same colors just arrange them differently.
I thought about that, but I only want to see and hear from partridge rock people. There aren't that many of us out there.
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So did you get some SPECKLED SUSSEX ? ? ?

I just posted some pictures of one of mine that is the same age as these partridge rock. I posted it under "what breed or gender is this" forum. The titled of the thread is "speckled sussex - - 4 months old Is it a HE or She?
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Yes, I thought she was a Russian Orloff until few weeks ago. She's definitely a Speckled Sussex.

I'll take a good look at my "chocloate chickies" in the morning and see if they are all PR or Wellsummer. There are four of them, so it would be nicer to have a real assortment.

Mine are ALMOST to POL. They hatched the week of June 14. It was an order of 25. One was DOA. Three died in the first two days, one died on day three. I had a light red pullet get eaten by something (most likely a hawk) when she went on walk about by herself one evening. The surviving 19 June Babies are doing well. I threw everythig out of whack two weeks ago when I put the 16 month old rooster, Blackie, in with them. Blackie spent two days being mean and provng he was in charge. Now he's calling the girls and feeding them. The poor Silkie roo hasn't DARED crow since Blackie arrived, but Little Boy follows Blackie every where. Blackie is good with the hens, so Little Boy could learn some good pointers on "caring for the ladies".
Math I am raising but yet to bred partridge rocks. There are very few breeders of this color that are not hatchery stock. It is the most rare color of all varities. If you wish to find the breeders you will need to join the Plymouth Rock club. Aslo contact Robert Bosl here on byc he is a member of the club as am I now. Memebership is just $15 for the year. Have you been reading the Heritage thread he started? He also started on on the Barred Rocks that is worth the read.

My flock is from a hatchery since that was all I could get at the time. I have them documented from day one on thier blog in my sig with pics. At this time I am still working on expanding coop for breeding. Money has been short but that is soon to change. This is the only color and breed I am going to have here at our place. Makes working with it easier than having more than one breed or color. This way I can have alot more chickens and bloodlines to bring in and work with for breeding.

As far as you pictures of your birds they look to be typical hatchery stock. They will darken in color after first real moult after they are one year old. Body is not bad but they will be lighter in weight than the SOP demands. Things you will need to look out for are white legs and leghorn bodies. Adult eye color on the iris should be red not orange or yellow. Body shape like a gravy bowl and tight feathered. On the Plymouth Rock Club site they have and old SOP just for Rocks that you can Download. It has been chenge since then but not by much. It is well worth downloading it for it has alot of info on the breed and what feathers should look like in pattern in adults. If you need the link just PM i will send them to you. There is also the forum of the Rock club on They have a few clb forums there Plymouth Rock being one of them.

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