Pasty Butt. Do you have to wipe their butts?


6 Years
Apr 10, 2013
Frankfort, IN
Today I finally got SIlkie Chicks from Rural King. I supposedly got them last time I purchased chicks, but never having the breed, I bought D'uccles (after I was assured they were Silkies). Anyway, half the chicks had pasty butt. All of the ones I purchased did, but after coming home and wiping it off, and putting ACV in their water, they are going to be fine. My question is, after I called RK to ask why all their chicks had that and they weren't doing anything about it, they assured me that putting oats in their food AND NOT wiping any of the poop off their vent it would go away. Is that the truth? Because after reading up on here I was fairly sure I would have to wipe it off. And if was very crusty, very stuck into their feathers, not wet at all. Do you have to wipe their butts?
It would not be absolutely necessary to clean it off as long as you make sure that it is not blocking the vent. Soaking with a moist wash cloth or holding their bottom under warm running water will loosen it allowing it to be easily cleaned off. I have heard different theories about what causes it and different cures. Plain yogurt or ACV in the water will cure it. I have heard that too high a temperature in the brooder can cause it from drinking too much water. Guess I was lucky, never had any pasty butt.

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