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    Last Friday (at 6:45 a.m.) we got in our newest additions to our flock - 15 straight run Chantecler. All 15 survived the trip from Maine to Eastern Oregon, but as of Saturday one is R.I.P. by the creek ( I felt like a little kid demanding that the chick have a proper burial).

    Ordered through CM Hatchery, my boyfriend and I knew that we would be getting a mix - red, buff and partridge - but we were not expecting any to have patterns. It is really one one that has a chipmunk pattern, it's a little more on the buff side, but with the pattern could pass more as a buff red. Regardless of whatever it turns out, I'm excited either way; there is just something about the little guys when they look a little more black sheep than the others, though my self proclaimed "breedist" (he shows goats and horses) boyfriend finds this trait laughable.

    So, the following are the pictures of the chipmunk looking Chantecler, and then the others with spots on their heads:

    This is the little guy in question, any guesses as to what it could turn out to be?


    In person (or maybe if I didn't use my Blackberry's camera) the pattern is much darker than in these images. The flask kept turning on, and with the heat lamp just faded the color.

    These are the other ones, though not each one is shown, there are 3 or 4 with the spots:
    This is a one of the buffs(?)

    This is picture has a buff with a spot, and what also looks to be a buff red with a spot.

    I've been introducing them to a little bit of yogurt every other day, maybe half a tablespoon full (it's the only amount they'll share and actually consume before just flinging it all over or trying to sit in it, lol) to help clear up some of their diarrhea (4 of them have had it, but nothing horrible).

    Anyone else out there have any Chanteclers?

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