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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by chickenzoo, Sep 14, 2009.

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    I was just given a 2/3 month old white peachick that has a torn tendon, that should be in the middle of the backside of his "knee"/elbow", but is off to the side and making his foot/leg turn. He was normal yesterday. Their is a bubble of swollen skin towards the inside. I've iced it's leg, then splinted it the best I can with stiff cardboard and vetwrap, with the leg stretched totally out, and keeping the tendon in the closest position to "normal I could get it. What else can I do. I'm afraid a Vet visit is not an option. The last time I took one with a leg problem they wanted $500 to fix it.... Is their any hope for him?
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    One of my young peas had a leg problem similar to what you describe. One leg bent in towards the other. Sometimes it was really bad, but I never considered him to be in pain, so I decided that I would not sell him and give him a good home with the in-laws next spring. I read up on it and started him and his siblings on vitamin B complex tablets mixed in their water. Now he seems to be 90% well and thriving. I have no idea if the vitamins made the difference, or if your bird's condition is the same as mine, but I would seriously consider putting it on them. I am certainly no expert, and I realize that my bird may not be cured, but he sure is better for the moment. Hope this helps! Mitch
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    Thank you, I will try that.
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    I had a baby like that and splinted her leg for a few days and that cured her 100%.
    I am not sure how well it works when they are older but it is worth try.

    The problem is that the tendon gets out of the grove and (according to my vet friend) the tendency may be inherited. If the grove is not too shallow it is fixable with a splint.

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