Peafowl Help


11 Years
Oct 21, 2008
Raleigh N.C.

I am thinking about getting some peafowl and I was wondering if they would come back to the coop everynight or roost in the trees nearby. I do not want to waste money on them if they are just going run away. I would like them to stay on my property and free range. Is this possible?
In my experience which is not a whole lot you can free range them like some of my friends
I will tell you this if you raise them from chicks on your propety no problem
If you buy them grown you better keep them locked down for at least 6 months or risk losing them
My first pair the guy told me oh no problem they will hang out around your house for sure
Yea right that pair is awol to this day
The peafowl I have now wouldnt leave if you beat them but I kept them penned for six months too.
Ok Thanks,

I really did not want to raise any from chicks becasue they take so long to mature. If I get any I will keep them caged.

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