8 Years
May 1, 2011
We have 5 peafowl 4 peacocks and 1 peahen yes I'm fixing the ratio this springs as there still yearlings, but are peahens kinda loners I noticed the males can't get 10 feet apart before they cry and think the others are lost or something, than ill see the hen with them and then lots of time ill see her 20-30yards away by herself and content with it to.. and the peacocks get picked on by chickens the hens run them away from treats when I'm outside will they ever stick up for themselves and fight back or always be cowards
i don't run chicken with peafowl.

now think of their age....its like adults can pick on kids....but onces grown they will be able to fight back.

Dad alway said about the young game rooster. like a man fighting a boy....but once that boy growns up he may beat the man...same with birds. some will stand up for themself...most will be able to beat a chicken.

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