Pecking Eachother

they peck each other but if there doing it all the time what size is there place if its to small for them to move around that can cause exess pecking and do you have white light or red light i noticed with my babes the read light they were good but when i had to put white light they were fighting more aggressive towards each other.
I have a red light and it might be a bit crowded, we're trying to find another bigger brooder.
We have 29 chicks right now and they are in one of those big plastic tubs from Walmart.
Yes that sounds like they are to close. I bought one of those garden sheds you can put rakes and shovels in. It is 2ftx4ftx8ft. I have had up to 25 chicks and 12 keets all at the same time. When I am finished i can stand it back up and use it as a shed.
I think it may be a crowding issue. I have 16 in a playpen but last year I had 25 and they were fine for the first two weeks. I use it the playpen every year just for my meat chicks and it works really well. I bought it used for $10 and just hand the red heat lamp over top. Maybe see if anyone in your circle has an old one you can use?
Okay thanks guys! I'll see what I can do.
Edit: I set up a bigger brooder, plenty of more room now!
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