Pecking order issues?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by cdnley, Jun 24, 2011.

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    Dec 7, 2010
    My babies are a month old. I have a full list of them for my signature (3 geese and 5 ducks). I made a post a while back that they were attacked and my Indian Runner Nermel lost his/her leg. I know some people told me to cull but he survived the attack and improved quickly and I just couldn't do it. Anyway fast forward to 5 days later and he is doing well. His wound closed up overnight and he eats and drinks like a champ, swims well too. I had him seperate for a few days so he could recover. He was in a glass tank beside the duck pen so he could see and talk to his flock. He is a lot smaller than the other ducks and geese. It doesn't help either that he lays a lot as it is going to take a while before he can hop on one foot. For now he does a mini hop and pulls himself forward. I have to carry him around most of the time so he can keep up.

    Some of the others, especially the geese are the meanest (not the Chinese) and they all kind of peck at each other but can peck at Nermal easier because he can't really get away. Not sure if this is a problem yet...they are still pretty young. Their enclosure is getting a bit small..maybe that is the problem? They all kind of take turns laying with different members of the flock and really I only notice them picking on each other is when I am around and I have given treats.

    So whats the deal? Will they be funny until a pecking order is achieved? Is an Indian Runner going to be smaller than the others forever? Will he be picked on a lot forever or until he gets stronger and learns to walk on one foot?

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    My opinion is that he will be easy pickins. Especially since they're already picking on him. Poor little guy. Maybe just get him in with just 1 friend, maybe one that seems to not be agressive with him now. Good luck [​IMG]

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