pecking order... new birds


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Aug 28, 2013
So we got some Rhode Island Reds last week and decided almost immediately we wanted 4 more, the guy we got them from didn't have 4 more so we found another person and got 2 ISA browns and 2 others ( can't remember name will post a photo later!) Our RIR are about a year and our new ones are about 6-7 months so not a HUGE difference. The new hens have full feathers and everything so we know they are ok to be together, The poor new birds are going thru the "pecking" order and of course we are stressing out as owners, will they attack each other in the coop tonight ? or will they be too tired to care ? Our poor new girls are hiding out in the corner of the run and are getting "pecked" each time they move away. I read a ton online that this is all normal and I am stressing out for no reason. Just want some reassurance tho that my new girls will be ok.
As long as they aren't bleeding they will be alright. For the rest I have questions. Did you just throw them in the coop? Was there an introduction period?

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