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    Mar 15, 2011
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    We finally got our coop just need the run. Hopefully this weekend. I moved all the babies and they are fine. I have two year old hens, small bantams, and a year old rooster...another small bantam. These three have been in a big cage since I've had them for a month, and prior they were raised together so they are buddies. Right now I put their cage in the coop so they can be near the babies (6 weeks) I let the smallest hen out on Saturday, she chased a few but now they are fine. I let the bigger hen out a few hours ago. Not going so well. She is charging some and pecking others. How long should I let this go on for? I am here supervising and breaking up any big Should I be doing that? Also when should I let the rooster out? He is the one I'm really worried about. I want him in with the crowd so when the run is up they all can be out together.

    One more question. I have a 2 week old silkie. She is just too tiny to be with the others. I put her in there with them to play while I'm there and she does fine and my babies seem fine with her but she is too little she will get trampled. Will I ever be able to put her in with the others? If not I was thinking when I can get the others out of the cage I will just keep her in that with the others in the coop so she wont be alone...will that work?

    Thanks for your help!

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