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So the little guy that i helped hatch out yesterday, is still laying there, moving as best he can with the shell still attatched. Is it ok to dip his bill in a mix of pedialyte and water? or should i just wait? I feel so bad for him. And he/she is so darn cute looking up at me when i talk to it.
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I would wait and see if he perks up a little bit. Sometimes if they are newly hatched they are a little weak after that huge test of endurance to peck out of the egg. If he's not perked up by the morning you can give him the pedialyte or a mixture of sugar and water.
Hmmm. A day is a long time to go without getting up and walking around... Is he moving around at all? Does he seem coordinated? Does he hold his head up? Can you remove the shell? At this point, you should be able to dampen the shell and remove it from him. If there is a cord still attached, you can cut the cord--there is nothing at this point he needs from it.

Sometimes there is a good reason the little ones need help. More often than not, the babies that I find need help end up having physical problems that led to their hatching trouble, and that end up causing them problems in life. Many of them don't last very long.

I hope that's not the case for you and that he will be just fine. I would make sure he has water readily available, as it's important that he not get dehydrated. I would also dip his bill, and the pedialyte really can't hurt.

Good luck with him. I hope he turns out strong and healthy!
He is NOT up and walking around but he IS moving, and breathing. He sleeps alot, but is responsive if i talk to him. His neck is kind of floppy is the best way I can describe it. And yes the egg is still attached to his cord. I will try to get a decent pic after i get the kids settled in bed which will be about another hour or so. I will try right now but when i go near the incubator they like to follow behind.
If I pick him up, his head flops much like a human new born, and if I hold it up, he will move it around but only if i hold it up for him. He does peep when I talk to him and moves his little wings around too....I feel so bad for him, is there anything I can do for him? Just wait and see?

Awww. Poor little guy. Sorry for your trouble with him--it is odd that he's not up and walking yet. Sounds like maybe he was a bit premature... I didn't read the thread about helping him out, but is there any chance you were too quick to help? It happens a LOT because we get worried and want to help, and sometimes we get them out before they're ready. I'm not trying to blame you, just trying to help figure out what's going on. If he's a bit premature, he may perk up as he matures, with some TLC.

I would go ahead and get him out of the incubator and cut that cord. Get him cleaned up (but make sure he stays really, really warm--measure the temp of any water you use (it should be in the 90s), and keep him in heated areas at all times. If he's damp, either keep him in the incubator until he's dry, or under a very warm bulb. Since he's not moving around on his own, you'll need to maintain the temp for him in the upper 90s. Once he's cleaned up, get a little water in his bill--adding some infant vitamins or pedialyte would be good. Then just keep him good and warm and dry and see what happens.

Here's hoping he perks up soon.
We had one like that and my daughter wanted to cull it. We gave it pedialite and the next day it was running around like nothing ever happened. It's worth a try.

We left ours in the incubator over night.
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P.S. I should add that I also would keep him in the incubator, once he's cleaned up and separated from the shell. I only emphasize separating him because babies can get tangled in the cord or injure themselves trying to drag the shell around by the cord that attaches to their still-delicate belly. But the incubator is definitely the warm, consistent-temp environment he's safest in for now. The only concern is for the other eggs in there, and the potential for having to open and close the incubator a lot to take care of him. It's kind of a judgment call.
I don't think I helped him pre-maturely. He had internally pipped over the weekend and I helped him yesterday. His head was in a weird position and under his leg with just the tip of his bill peaking out, so I don't think he would have been able to externally pip. His bill was like a greyish color so I think he was low on oxygen. His bill is now a deep orange color now. He is still in the bator and he kind of smells. Almost like a urine scent.

How exactly do I cut the cord? What do i use, scissors? He has part of his belly sticking out, which I remember from last hatch was part of the cord and fixed itself..... Should I give him some niacin water too?

Thank you for your help. I want to do what I can for this little guy or girl. Melts my heart when he responds to me while I talk to him....
Don't worry about niacin at this point. The pedialyte will be fine. Sounds like he needed your help, and maybe he just needs a little extra time to warm up and get his muscles working right. If he was in the shell muxed up, he may be stiff and sore and take a little longer.

Yup, any old sharp scissors will do. Run them under piping hot water for about 30 seconds to sanitize them, or just boil them on the stove for a minute or so if you want them completely sterilized. The belly is just his yolk still absorbing--it's not unusual in a slow starter. He will probably not be really active until it absorbs all the way. Knowing that it's not absorbed though, I'm thinking you should probably minimize handling of him, as that part of him will soon be on the inside, and you definitely don't want to introduce infection there. Also, he still needs the damp environment of the incubator to keep the yolk moist, and it wouldn't hurt to wrap the belly in a damp cloth until it absorbs all the way. Just make sure everything that touches him is clean clean clean.

Good luck with him. I sure hope he strengthens up for you!

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