Pekin Drake Dilemma


5 Years
Mar 19, 2014
Elizabethtown PA

So this spring, in addition to getting our baby chicks we fell into the baby duck "love at first sight" syndrome and also purchased two baby Pekins. They co-existed with the chicks through all of spring inside and then when the weather permitted we moved them all into our run, very quickly giving them separate sleeping/living quarters because of their water mess but keeping them with the hens throughout the day. At around 5 months it became very evident that one of them was a drake. It took a bit longer to tell with the second one, but we do have two. At that same time the first one became aggressive towards the hens (chasing them in run and grabbing at them) so we immediately separated them, moving their pond and them outside the run. They obviously bonded with the hens and spend all of their time at the fence appearing to want back in. But after a few months they have grown accustomed to the routine and all seems well. Except I don't know if having only two drakes is healthy? They are like two peas in a pod and fun to watch and while they don't seem aggressive with each other I wonder if it's OK for them to not have a female? I can accommodate one or two if necessary but am unsure if adding two grown females is OK? Any advice or direction on this would be appreciated. Razzle and Dazzle would appreciate it as well!

That's how I got my Pekin drake too. I already kept chickens and he was the last lonely duckling at the feed store; how could I say no? Pekin drakes can be pretty rambunctious though. I had to separate him from the chickens as well. Later I got him two ducks and I have a happy little flock now. I love my drake and I've had him for four years now but, boy! the female ducks sure are sweet. They never pinch me either ;)

Although getting female ducks for my drake worked for my situation, I'm not sure that it would for yours. To keep two Pekin drakes happy without causing harm to the girls, I think you'd probably need to add at least four ducks to your flock. That would be a lot more spilled water to clean up every day. Ducks do lay the most wonderful eggs though, and with four girls you'd be set! I think that as long as your drakes get along they will be enough company for each other on their own.

Razzle and Dazzle are very cute names!
They are fine as is without girls. DeckDuck is correct you would need at least 4 females to keep two drakes from overbreeding the girls. My Pekin has four girls and has recently had to have a "time out" and be seperated from the girls for a few days so they could get a break. They were losing feathers on their necks from all the breeding.

All drake flocks are fun! Enjoy!

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