Pekin duck has labored breathing


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Sep 13, 2020
My 2 9 month old Pekin ducks were attacked by what the emergency vet said was a weasel 3 days ago. One of them only had feathers missing and she has been treated for the past 3 days with antibiotics and pain meds. The other one had some puncture wounds and is being treated with the same meds. The one that was just missing feathers seemed to be recovering well, but today she has started breathing heavily and fast with an open mouth. I know she is stressed but she is eating and drinking like normal. I don’t know why she has sudden labored breathing. I have to give her 2 pills twice a day. I follow the vets instructions, sliding them down the side of the mouth. Could a pill have gone in her trachea? Is she still in distress? I am very worried that something new is wrong but could it just be that she is still in distress? Any help is appreciated!
How does she track? Does she seem to be herself? Does she show any lameness? You said she's eating a drinking good so that's good news. By the sounds of it the labored breathing is the only thing your seeing that is abnormal correct?
Could you post a video of them breathing? To post a video, upload it to a video platform like Youtube or Vimeo, and copy/paste the link here.

Pekins are notorious for panting, even in cool temps. If you're seeing fast breathing, like they're trying to expel air, and not so much gasping/slow labored breaths, in an attempt to get air in, it's likely your birds are a little too hot.

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