Pekin duck with poorly eye

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    May 18, 2016
    Hi - I have two Pekin ducks about 4 months old, Jemima & Sarah.
    Sarah has had a weepy eye for a few weeks - eye doesn't look sore or anything, just a brown wet patch around it. I've also noticed lately that she pants a bit too.
    It's been warm in the UK lately but Jemima doesn't seem to pant all the time like Sarah does. Any ideas? Is she poorly? Many thanks for any help
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    Hard to know for sure, the weepy eye could be a mild irritation or infection. That can usually be managed with mild saline solution rinses a few times a day for several days.

    A good duck vet is best, but not always possible.

    The panting can be from overheating, nervousness, or worst case the beginnings of a respiratory problem. Can you say more about their diet and environment? Do they have water 24/7?
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    Do you have a deep bucket or swimming area for them? They need to be able to dunk and preen the heads and neck. It helps them to keep eyes clean, ears and nasal passages clear. Poultry type waterers are not deep enough. I keep a bucket for them all year around so they can dunk heads. Yes, its messy but part of the natural grooming process. I have seen what you are describing having taken in unwanted ducks. Some breeders and hatcheries just dont let folks know this important part of waterfowl care.
  5. katieharris1984

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    May 18, 2016
    Hi - thanks for your responses. They have access to a deep pond which they can swim in that I clean out every day and also a washing up bowl full of water. I sat and watched her yesterday for a time and I think the panting thing may have just been the heat as she wasn't doing it then. They live in a nursery garden and have a large pen they are let out into during the day and a small house with a small pen they live in at night. They also wander around the garden with the children a lot of the day. They have access to waterfowl pellets all day and I feed them treats in the evening when I put them to bed - usually this is sweetcorn, rice or any other veg we've got left over from the children's dinner. Hope this helps
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    My pekin over the years have had eye issues and it's not as if they lack in water deep enough, an annoying trait... i found the best solution, is polysporin for eyes cleared up any issues quickly.

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