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My 7 week old Pekin has blood under her wings where the puffy down is coming out. The other one looks fine, feathers coming in nicely. Is this normal? If it were mites they would both have it I would think. Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable?

I have brought them inside and after drying out she doesn't look so bad, I want to let them back out but I know she will head straight to the pond and Im afraid it will make it worse. She is still eating and drinking and acting normal.
Ouch. I don't think that's normal. Have you noticed her picking at her wing or the other one picking at her wing?

I'd say keep it clean (either rinse it with a saline solution, a hydrogen peroxide solution, or with that vetericyn stuff) and sooth it by applying a a little coconut oil. Can you provide a fresh tub of water temporarily, instead of the pond? (If not, I think ducks are able to keep themselves clean using dirty water... somebody chime in here).
Thank you! I have coconut oil, I will try that, She is looking better now that she is dry but she doesn't want to be touched and I don't blame her. I will get my husband to help with the coconut oil then pick up some vetericyn today too. Can I get that at the feed store?
It is more all over the area under the wind, she has just lost a bunch of baby feathers and the new ones are peaking through but seem so be really irritated. She keeps her wings up a little, to keep them off the skin.
It's important to figure out exactly where the blood is coming from. This will help you figure out how to treat it.
For example, if a pin feather has been broken, the bleeding may not stop on it's own, and that would require extra steps.

I really hope someone else jumps in here, because I don't think it's normal at all. Maybe if you change the title of your thread to include the word blood or bleeding as well as the word duckling (that way they know it's a little baby), it will bring in more experts. The breed probably isn't related to the problem, so you could remove that. Something like "Help - duckling bleeding under wing, skin is irritated" or "Help - duckling bleeding under wing (with pic)"

Good luck!!!
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