Pekin Hatching?

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Sep 10, 2020
Tampa, Florida
Ok friends. I am new to hatching ducklings and I need a little guidance. I have 5 Pekin eggs that were due to go in to lock down today at noon (day 25) however, 3 externally pipped last night between 5-7 pm EST. I went ahead and moved them to a hatching incubator as soon as they ext. pipped. The other 2 had the significant dip in air cell and appeared to have internally pipped so at about midnight i went ahead and put them in the hatching incubator. I have not heard any peeping from any of them before or after the move. Am I doing things ok? Should I have left them in original incubator until today, even though they ext. pipped. I thought I was prepared but didn’t expect them to start pipping before lock down

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