Peking Duck Metatarsal Swelling

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    Oct 24, 2011
    Hello ALL! I have a peking female that has started to limp. She has a swollen metatarsal and callus on her metatarsal pad. I have soaked it for 20 min. with epsom salts, sprayed with antiseptic and wrapped it with gauze and co-ban. She's lost a little weight, not eating as much, and not participating with the other ducks. We live in Idaho so winter may be a factor. Any options? I have pictures if that helps.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I don’t have any experience, but it looks like pictures I’ve seen of Bumblefoot. It’s an infection caused by staph entering through a scrape or cut. It starts out with little red swollen spots on the foot, that then fill up with pussy stuff and get scabby that sometime need to be cut open and removed. I have only had ducks a year so I don’t know much, but i’d take her to the vet because lots of times it’s rested with antibiotics. Heres a blog post someone made about treating Bumblefoot without surgery. I hope that I’m wrong and it’s not Bumblefoot.
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    I believe that is bumble foot. Soaking is great idea then see about getting some clear iodine to use after soaking. The clear helps to bring the bumble to the surface soon you'll be able to gently peel off the scab and remove the pus pocket which will not be runny but solid. Bumble is staff infection so you want to treat asap to keep it from spreading.
    Soak daily and use iodine until you can peel off the blk scab with out pulling off healthy skin I use my finger nail and gently get under and peel slowly. Once the scab is off try using a sterile pair of tweezers to pull out the plug then soak and use some kind of ointment with out pain wrap and give it time to heal.
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