Pekins and mallards


5 Years
Nov 18, 2014
So I went to tractor and supply before my last hatch and fell in love with the ducks and got 2 Pekins one is a boy one is a girl. My mom followed about 3 weeks layer and brought home 4 baby mallards. The have been separated since the Pekins were already almost full size, I have a duck area we made big enough for all of them but I'm worried the Pekins might hurt the mallards.. I was hands on with them but they stopped doing the following us around shortly before they went outside so they are slightly skid dish. I took one of the mallards out to the duck pen and the Pekin seemed like he would hurt the little thing making weird noises and take quick steps towards it then quick steps back. The mallards are easily half the size of the Pekins. Now mind you the mallards are now probably a month old the Pekins are almost 2 months old. How do I put them together??
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Its called a pekin not a perkins

are they violent towards each other when they see one another?
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My mistake. They are not aggressive towards each other just towards the new ducks that are mallards. I took one in to see how they would react and the pekin looking like he would have charged it if I put it down in the pen.

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