Pendulous Crop?


9 Years
Nov 20, 2014
Northern Piedmont, USA
Hi everybody. Yesterday afternoon I noticed that one of my Sussex hens, Spex (abbreviation of Speckled and Sussex) had what seemed to be an impacted crop (she was trying to vomit..but it wasn't sour crop either. Very hard, not squishy, crop.). This has been the second time this year that she has had a crop problem and I am concerned that she may have a pendulous crop.

In about an hour or so I can send pictures. Right now it's sunrise.

Any advice is appreciated. :)
Here's some information on pendulous crops.
Have you had her checked for worms? If not you may want to take a fecal sample to your vet to have a fecal float test performed.
Provide fresh water and feed, limit treats and be sure to provide grit.

Let us know how she's doing.
First, thanks for the reply.

Sorry I wasn't able to post a pic yesterday, but I do have more information on Spex's crop. Both yesterday morning and this morning I've seen a small hard ball in her crop (somewhere around the size of a golf ball). I've been giving her about a 1/2 tsp. coconut oil (will melt inside her body), plenty of water, and a 1/2 tsp. of ACV as well. She's a lot more active today than she was yesterday. 2 days ago she wasn't doing well, and kept trying to vomit (tried to force her to...didn't end up working). I had this issue before in Spex a year ago and did the same thing (- the ACV).
Chicken Update: In mornings Spex has a small hard ball (golf ball sized still) in her crop. However she is acting completely normal. When she's had other crop issues before, she's always been a bit down.
Feel her body for lumps under her skin just to ensure tumors aren't interferring w her digestion. I just lost my hen to that and I'd brought her to the vet for sour crop, which she had due to the tumors. Her crop would grow overnight.
If you have a scale keep a tally of her weight.
Hope it isn't tumors but better for her to know sooner rather than later.
Free choice access? No. But there is grit mixed within the feed (just corn grits) and I give her a handful each night. Crop this morning is a bit bigger.
Tell me a bit more about your feed. Do you make your own? Are you mixing hominy grits with their commercial feed, etc.?

What I'm talking about is Poultry Grit. This is crushed granite (little pebbles/rock) that birds eat to help them digest foods. Grit is stored in the crop and is used to grind up food.
Just put some in a little dish for them to have access to, don't mix with the feed.

You can find it at your feed store or online. A bag of grit will last a very long time.

Something similar to this:

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