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    I thought it was complicated so I never did it, and someone on the NYDhatch thread made it simple for us!!!

    Its funny because I cleaned coops and after I cleaned and saw all that wasted mash and then saw the girls just pushing the mash all out of the feeder I thought I had been so stupid for so long NOT DOING it.... I am going to video tape the girls making the mess and then when they eat the mash FF!! Can you imagine how much time we will save if the amonia in the coop is put off for a longer time period too!! YAY only plusses here!! It may be more work feeding but that beats cleaning any day!!!
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    I love them sooooooooo much. The mottled are awesome. I hatched LF b/b/s.
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    Are you doing this for all your birds?! Or just the ducklings? I think I would want to see your setup before I try this. I don't know if its because I'm I'll or what, but it sounds difficult. LOL! I want to do it though.
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    Wow, turn on the computer after about 7 hrs and I'm already 8 pages behind! You folks have been busy!

    I wish you lived closer! I would love to learn how to do it myself, or if I knew someone who could come do it would be great... we are watching out to find someone local who knows the skill and is willing to pass it along.
    That is the type of person we would hope to find... those old farmers could do just about anything I think!
    That's it?? I'm sure the Local Enabler & Supportive Society could find a couple of more for you! because you know... LESS means more! [​IMG]
    Congrats Izzy!!! [​IMG][​IMG]
    I'll have to do some reading... does sound promising!
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    Precious chicks. Fisherlady, 'less is more?' Too funny.
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    Gardening, KUDOS for your little one! You must be so proud! Missy, hope the dress search goes well today MC: If Hershey's powder goes bad it's news to me. Oh, and where do you find kids that willingly clean cabinets? Can they visit me? Sara, can't believe you are right around the corner and I only ever see you here! I finally got to Gehman's Feed on my way to the farm show. The man said he could easily fit 10 bags of food in my car (100 lb bags). I didn't get that many this time, (and am a little nervous to see how low my tailgate will hang with 1000lbs of feed in my car). I will be heading back at the end of the month, do you still want to go in on some? 100 lb breeder at 20% is $24.95 100lb layer feed at 16% protein -$22.95
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    Oct 22, 2011
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    Wing, these cakes are cool! Missy, I vote peacock wedding cake! Wing, I haven't had sheep milk, but have heard it makes some seriously good cheese. Sally!! Awesome score on the eggies, I'm glad you're collecting your wins.
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    This is MY ideal FF. Some say it should look like oatmeal (not so wet) and others say it should have a few inches of water above the FF at all times. I like to see the bubbles. They make me happy!! I stopped using a second bucket because I had to drill bigger holes (small ones get clogged) and ended up breaking the bucket. I now use a strainer. The wire kind with a long handle. It hooks across the bucket while I get dressed. Don't forget to rinse anything metal at least once every other day. The acid will eat away at it.
    Fill bucket about half way with feed, one glug of ACV with Mother (Heinz @Wal Mart. New item) add warm water to cover the feed, and stir every morning and night. Add more water if needed.
    Feed takes about 8 hours, dog kibble, and grains take about two days, sometimes three. All animals (and humans) can benefit from FF.
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    Aug 7, 2012
    sheep's milk cheese is very tasty!

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