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    Oct 22, 2011
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    Hey Lilbrownie,

    Did you read Sally's Hatching 101? First, relax. Most likely nothing wrong, some pip, zip and hatch, BAM. Others pip, rest for FOREVER (or seems like it, when you're staring in the bator) and eventually zip and hatch. Over night is not too long to be pipped and nothing else.

    Sounds like you opened the bator to help a little, did you hear them chirping when you did that? If you open again (and I'm not recommending that you do, some say this is the kiss of death), keep your humidity high and you can give a little tap on the outside of the shell, this usually will get them to chirp.

    I would recommend that you run out today and gather some chick supplies that are good to have on hand. Infant vitamins with NO iron, Triple Antibiotic Ointment with NO pain relief and some Chick Saver (if you can't get to a TSC or find Chick Saver where you do shop, get some Gatorade ~it works in a pinch for adding electrolytes). This list to get you out of the house and your mind off the bator, give the chicks a chance to rest, and then hatch and to have some necessities on hand, if you do get a chick that's struggling.

    Hang in there. ~M
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    Feb 24, 2012
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    Thanks I think I'm just so worried because these were the ones I wanted to hatch. They are my molted chicks! AHHHH wish I was the mother n new exactly what to do but gonna just let them be and hope for the best!
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    X2. And stop opening that bator!!! [​IMG]

    It can take FOREVER from pip to zip. Just give them a little time. The babies that are out are SO cute!!
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    It is closed and the humidity is up, most of the plastic is steamed up so don't think i can get much more humidity in there, fingers crossed! Sitting on my hands, will have to go out once the kids are up cant take the waiting!
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    WOW so cold out side the girls water has to be changed every 3 hours to keep it from freezing. And how do I stop my one hen from bullying all the chickens. every time I throw out some food or go out to the pen all the chicken come out to say hi, but one, will run around and peck all of them.
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    Jan 19, 2012

    After I thought about it, I think the folks I know have Narris, not Palms. Sorry
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    It could just be the lead hen maintaining her position in the 'pecking order'... but if it is extreme, and she is injuring other hens then you may be able to catch her and hold her when you put food out initially to give the others a chance to eat unmolested for a while. Or if she is a very agressive hen and all the others are a more mild tempered breed then she may just be expressing her normal attitude and has no competition. About the only way to 'change' that may be if you seperate her for a few days from the flock, allow them to establish a new pecking order, then add her back in and she may be treated as the 'new bird on the block' and the other hens will no longer tolerate her bad behavior.
    If she isn't either physically harming any of the other hens, or causing them to not be able to eat as they should I wouldn't remove her from the flock, I would just do the 'pick up and handle' thing to see if it helps the others out.
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    MotorcycleChick, I thought the same thing as beaglady.... nice looking fellow, I would be very interested in hearing how sure they are about the 'mix' they are claiming he is.
    As far as learning borders, some dogs never do, but others can do so very well. When you get the fellow, take him around your perimeter on leash multiple times a day. Allow him to check everything out but when he strays 'over the line' tug the leash and give a quick 'NO' every time. You can progress to a longer leash over time till he patrols the edge area with you and doesn't bother trying to go out of the yard area you have established. You can then try it off leash, but don't do any work off leash till you are sure he understands the commands "Stop" and "Here" and readily responds well to them for you. When you can walk around with him off leash and he doesn't try to stray then you can just let him out in the yard while you are outside doing chores and such so you can keep an eye on him.
    Expect to have to call him back once in a while but eventually he should learn his allowed 'patrol' area. It will not be a quick process, unless you are exceptionally lucky and get a dog who likes to 'stay home' but time and effort will should provide you good results. He may not ever be ready to leave outside unatended for long periods of time, but should be able to learn to be out unleashed while you do your chores.
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    Our's had a bad attitude. When people returned puppies they just adopted a week prior, they'd give attitude and the previous manager was a few select terms that cannot be printed here. As for returning pups, at least they were being smart and realized they couldn't handle them, instead of tying them out and neglecting them. They often had aggressive dogs that would bite in the show room, where people could get into cages and interact with them. When I volunteered there, there was a blind and deaf dog who was soon to be put dwn. My mom called that afternoon, offered to pay right then, but pick up when they opened back up after the weekend (they were closed at that point but still there). They were rude and said nope, we'll just put him down. They opened up and mom took off of work hat day to go get him. Called down and they said, no, he's gone. We had a feeling about it and drove down to see for ourselves. He was there, so we took him home, after MORE attitude. We had him for about ten years before having to put him down after his health declined and his back went out (dachshund). I hate their attitude and the bullsnit stunts they pull. Makes you wonder how many dogs/cats died because they pulled stupid stunts like they did with us.

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