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    LOL, my goats, don't even have a fence. I quit trying to keep them in years ago! I only have 2. My neighbors aren't really close. They don't wonder far either. Yes they are smart enough to figure out the electric etc.............. you may never be able to keep them in again!
  2. heatherscooby77

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    Feb 6, 2012
    Grantville, PA
    I will weigh in on this. The chipmonk colored one will probably look like:


    The reddish/buff/orange might be:


    I got both of these from the internet, do an easter egger chicken search. I do not own these photos, nor am I trying to say they are mine! Sorry for the disclaimer.
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    question about egg color... correct me if i am wrong please.

    legbar+maran = olive egger

    legbar+ any brown egger= EE

    ee+maran = olive egger

    any thoughts?
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    yes, you are right!
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    Give me five weeks notice and I can put green eggs in the incubator (lemon peep rooster in with them) and I can havev two week olds! All I had are gone.
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    Hi guys! Does anyone want ducklings?
    I have a friend down the road who has a trio or rouens and a trio of pekins housed together, and they have eggs coming out their ears. He offered to give me eggs! I can hatch but I can't keep! Because they are housed together, I can get pure Pekins and Rouens and crosses!
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    I might be. Where are you located?
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    Pretty sure I have some around those ages. Could be 10 or more if I remember right. Haven't counted in a few days.

    Here's the thing about EE's: They can be ANY color & will always change from what they look like as chicks. The only thing you can really tell on these 2 is that 1 will have more buff/orange & the other will have more brown & black.

    That would be a good experiment.
    My daughter was having an attitude problem this morning & ended up being the 1 in a bad mood on her way out the door after mom popped her 1. Maybe she will think twice about giving mom attitude that early in the morning again, but I have a feeling she will forget quickly.

    Sounds like molting. Still wouldn't hurt to worm & treat for mites just in case if she feels skinny. I use Ivermectin cattle pour on (.5 ML for a LF bird, .25ML for a banty of 1/2 grown LF, just a drop for a chick). It takes care of both. There are other natural remedies available for worms as well. Pumpkin seeds work well. Haven't found much else for the mites & such though.

    There is NO SUCH THING as a goat proof fence!!! Get used to it or give up on the goats...LOL

    No such thing as a sheep proof fence either apparently. [​IMG]

    Goats WILL escape. That's a given. They especially like flower beds, gardens & pretty bushes.

    We always had to end up staking ours out on dog chains. You have to move them frequently & untangle them until they figure out how to NOT tangle themselves completely up. But at least they stay where you put them that way.

    Yup, pretty much sums it up.

    I'm drowning in duck eggs myself & have 3 bators pretty much full of ducks right now & about 13 running around 2 brooders.

    I'll have runners & pekins available soon too if you want some. I'm over below Wheeling but will be heading east for a delivery run as soon as I can coordinate with Missy & a couple others who want birds.
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    I was thinking the same thing about my broody goose. I found this..... But I'm afraid she'll just chew through the cord. [​IMG]
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