Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

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    Oh yeah, love Shady Maple. If i lived closer to it i would be 500 lbs from the donuts at the supermarket! Yum! My husband and i tried that Chinese place one night and you are right, good food. I'm up for a meet up sometime in that area definitely. Or of course, green dragon too!!
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    Feb 8, 2012
    Julian, PA
    WTG Heather!
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    [​IMG]..Great job Chad and Becky!!..I really wish I could have been there![​IMG], just wanted to get this thing done and over with!!, oh well..I have time, Anyway....Hey, you guys are all getting together?...can I come?[​IMG]....Had a great time w/ everyone at the class, would love to talk without Chad..haha..or anyone else for that matter getting into trouble for interrupting..[​IMG]..haha. trying to catch-up, been out of it for abit..I'm back on page 828..good grief[​IMG] all have been busy.....motorcycle chick-you describe things the way I do "Big-Hairy Guy" ..haha, will have to look for him![​IMG]........[​IMG]Pentamom, I'm so sorry about your babies...extra love the one you have[​IMG]...Sally, love the avatar!!..are we still talking about Chads' inability to dress him self when answering the door??!![​IMG]...okay...back to reading[​IMG]...
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    X2 Chad & Becky u guys are the only 2??? I thought there was a few more???
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    [​IMG]haha..omg!!! Phyllis sorry..i am behind..haha
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    don't know..Becky had PMed me, but I got the message too late[​IMG]...had not been on computer..I only assumed..
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    [​IMG]oh thank heaven...I'm all caught up!!, now to sign off & get behind AGAIN!!!!![​IMG]....Have a good one all, be back later![​IMG]
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    Apr 17, 2012
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    [​IMG]Coffee... I make a pot, and the next day, I drink the last of it iced. This morning I could not find my cup. I got another, and went to get some ice. Guess what was in the freezer? DH took mr out for breakfast the other day. I put my iced coffee in the freezer. I now have ice coffee.
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    Apr 17, 2012
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    I am not liking this posting from my tablet thing. I am so darn confused by it. Anyway!
    The piggies... I mean chickens, broke their roost. I mean the metal brackets are snapped. Now I have a big chunk of wood laying in a big pile if poop on this beautiful rainy day. I admit that I didn't like the roost. I just wish I knew how the heck it broke!
    So, today will be spent whacking together a new roost. Yeay. I just hope nothing else goes wrong! I have no cable, internet or tub/shower. Now this.
    Chad, how are you with plumbing? Ha ha.
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    Hope everyone is well! We were getting ready to bring all the kids to NYC to see the christmas tree and then it started raining. [​IMG] So instead, we are staying local and going to see a movie that they have been dying to see. Then dinner out. Ugh.

    Sandy is doing great! I'm really thinking a chicken diaper for her since she pooped on my floor (tile) and hubby almost had a fit. LOL! Yes, I know it is ridiculous, but, she is like a part of the family (and alone) so we just want to keep her social and not depressed. Jennise is happily pecking away at the brooder in my office. LOL. Love that little girl.

    JUst found out my neighbor breeds peacocks and guess whose getting 3 of them this March!?! That's right! This girl right here!! [​IMG] I can't wait! I can make some money on the feathers they shed eventually! It will be so awesome!! I'm going to have to bring out my crafty skill! LOL!

    Okay, so are we all meeting up soon?! If we are I'd love to come and meet all of you! I'll travel!
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