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    Apr 9, 2018
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    Hi everybody,
    I posted almost 2 weeks ago, about peppermint oil keeping mice away. I just wanted to let everyone know that it is still working. I sprayed every night when I locked my chickens up, until I didn't see any anymore. I went from over a dozen running around, to zero running around in about 3 nights. I have a camera in my chicken run, (chicken t.v.), so I'm able to keep watch. after not seeing any for a couple nights, I started spraying every other night. I haven't seen a mouse in a week. All I did is spray the ground around the feeders, I have 5 feeding stations, and I sprayed around both coops' doors, (I've never had any in the coops, but I didn't want to start).
    Buying peppermint oil is kinda expensive, darn near $4 at Walmart. BUT, if you use the Walmart app you can get 5- 2oz bottles for $5.77, free pick up!! I put 1oz in spray bottle, (mine is 18oz bottle), and fill with water. I use 3-5 squirts, (depending on feeders), on ground around feeders. My bottle lasts almost a week.
    The spray is also good for keeping ants out of cabinets.
    I hope that this helps those of you out there that has a mouse or rat problem, or even ants. LOL
    GOOD LUCK !!
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    I wonder if growing peppermint would keep mice away... oh right chickens will eat it! I might grow peppermint in the front yard where no chickens go (same place I grow Catnip) and them produce my own Mint oil... will it work with rats too?
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    Thats amazing!
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    There are lines of rodent repellents at the farm stores that are nothing but mint oils. The trick is reapplication as the scent fades. I keep a sachet in the engine compartments of the stored vehicles over wintering in the barn. I hit them with fresh oil every once in a while.
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