Personalities on day 2!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chickness, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. chickness

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    Oct 11, 2011
    We got our three new chicks 2 hours ago. They've been pretty happy, and it is pretty amazing that even at 2 days old you can tell their little personalities emerging. Our Barred Rock Rosie, which we named before we got her was a perfect name. I can tell already I will call her nosey rosie at times. She is walking over her buddies while they are sleeping, and pecking them, and exploring everything. After dipping their noses, she was the first one who went and drank alot, and showed the other chicks they followed her lead. I worry alittle bit about her biting toes, and hope that she will settle down, and relax after a few more hours and not notice them as you can see by the picture they all took a rest shortly after they arrived in their new home. Thank goodness for books like Storeys guide to raising chickens, and the wealth of knowledge on this site,as I've sat here reading about chirps, and feed and pecking...ect...!
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    Aug 26, 2011
    Oh, they're so cute! Congratulations on your chicks. It's a lot of fun watching them. Those personalities often become more pronounced as they grow older, but usually they stay that way for their entire lives.

    Feathers was always the nosey one too, and right up to her death she was trying to tell everyone she was boss. :p
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    Feb 16, 2012
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    I think that's the thing I love most about the chickens. I don't remember chicks as a child. I don't remember gathering eggs. But what I remember is how much fun they all were to hang out with. I preferred hanging with the Peeps, literally. I love their personalities. Never gave it much thought though, just was a fun way to grow up.
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    May 4, 2011
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    I wanna bet that rosie is a boy!
  5. chickness

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    Oct 11, 2011
    Well the girls are 2 years old now. It's funny about their personalities as Rosie is still the leader but is such a sweet way! She is the one who quietly talks to the girls to bring them in at night. She is always aware of her surroundings. Only likes to be carried as if she's a hawk on your arm..
    One of my sweet Deleware hens ( Miss Chicken) just took over the rooster like characteristics this year. I see she may stay behaving this way? ahhhhhhh, my sweet chick turned scary!

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