Pet Lovers, our Military Members need your help!

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    Apr 27, 2007
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    Not sure why I can't see anything on my post above..
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    That's terrible. It was hard enough bringing our dogs from Germany regardless of the cost. Then it was 400 Euro about for both of them and a LOT of stress. We made it though. Had my dad pick us up in Chicago to avoid a lay over. A long walk and 6 hour drive was better.

    Never once did I travel at the same time as my husband. It was either a housing crisis or a dog crisis preventing a joint trip.

    What was the BEST stress causer was when I got the shipping quote 3 different times (just to be sure!) and brought extra just in case. Was supposed to be 115 euro each. Brought 150 each. Was more than quoted once we got there. Thankfully we were early and could call brother in law who was stationed near the airport to bring 100 more euro. We made it on the plane in a nick of time. Insane!

    Then when we landed the dogs were barking non stop at the baggage handlers and all through the plane was a rumor of drugs being found or something. I was like... Nnnooo, that's my Shepherds on duty. Found then at Baggage claim, still on duty, barking when ever someone got within 15 ft of their crates. They were sure glad to see me!

    Longest day of my life.

    eta: signed the petition, everything showed up for me.
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    OK petion are good but I rather go to the head I am writing to the CEO of Contenental Airlines and all the other ones and I feel a flood of letters may be better then a pettion you get to VENT how you feel and how much you will NEVER book a flight on the airline in question and will make sure you will do your best to not have anyone you know do it either so then it may be a fraction but word of mouth travels fast.

    to anyone interested

    The CEO is Jeffery Smisek

    the head quarter in Houston Tx

    900 grand Plaze Drive NHCCR
    Houston TX 77210

    I invite all to write all to pass this on to everyone your know and everyone you don't know

    Sorry I support our troops 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 PERCENT and I will take up a cause as this and will have them know this is to be tolerated if it was not for a troops they may be speaking russian or german or chinesse or who knows and this is to be send when I get done here.

    Anyone wants the other address PM me email me cal me on the phone ok maybe not on the phone I am outrqged of this but you all can contact me or have anyone you knoe contact me and I will be more then happy to help in anyway I can.


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