Pet pig enclosure

A little over a month.
Here is mom of pumbaa, petunias mom is about the same size.
Their Dad is about half that size.
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This is Pig about two months ago - he's about 50% on his way to full size :eek: look behind him and checkout what the trash monkey does with his day.....



David Barkey

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Apr 14, 2020
Getting a pot belly pig tomorrow and just need to double check her setup for inside. Is there anything I'm missing, need to add or doing wrong?
The fencing is temporary until Monday when her actual pen gets here.
It heavy duty panel 5x5x4.
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How close are your neighbours ?? Our neighbours got "miniature" pigs this year 100 - 150 lbs now . All is great until they get upset . Then you and all your neighbours with in a 1 mile radius will know about it . The squeal they make is ear piercing . Something to keep in mind if you have close neighbours .


Apr 30, 2014
Roanoke area, Va.
Just remember when looking at the parents for size ideas, pigs can breed REALLY young and that's a trick that people selling "mini pigs" do is that they breed them really young when they aren't full grown yet so that when people ask to see the parents they always think the pigs will stay a lot smaller than they actually will. There are also a lot of breeders that essentially tell the new owners to starve the babies to keep them small, they do stay smaller but only because they are unhealthy.

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