Pets die in flood--warning graphic

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by woodmort, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Feb 5, 2011
    how fricken stupid could they be? i mean seriously the river was right behind the store?! what did they expect the river would flood around the store?
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    Jun 4, 2011
    I don't know, I've asked the same thing about a LOT of homeowners. There is a row of about 5 houses here that are less than 40 feet from the bank of the river. They've flooded at least 3 times in the 6 years I've lived here. It's not like they are old houses either, less than 10 years old, marketed with a great river view!

    I wish I had a pic to post. houses are on the low bank of the river, on the right side. They sit in a NATURAL plain (fill the entire plain) and are surrounded by higher ground. Across the river, is a 100ft tall bluff. Yet they are shocked and heart-broken that their houses flood?
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    Some people are able to look at a situation and assess the risks. Some people will listen to someone with more experience and actually pay attention to what they say. A lot of people have to experience something before they really comprehend. And some never learn. Obviously the manager for that Petco was not in the first category and maybe not the second. Hopefully he/she is in the third, but casting blame instead of accepting responsibility makes me wonder.

    You can successfully build in a flood plain. Laura Plantation along the Mississippi River in Louisiana is a good example. You build it strong enough to withstand the force of the river and you live upstairs. The ground floor belongs to the river.
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    I doubt the manager had much to do with picking out the spot the place was built. That job is left to people who may never even visit the prospective site. What they probably saw was an opportunity to built on discounted land. It being an area prone to flooding probably wasn't even a concern.
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    Apr 16, 2009
    I have a friend who lives there, in that town and this is what she told me about it. She said that same shopping center flooded in 2006. Now, Petco wasn't there then, but I'm not buying that they didn't know there was a flood risk. Their insurance company would have run a report on the location and, hey, there's a river right there, too, and you know someone mentioned it at some time.

    My friend also said they have to be lying about not knowing there were flood warnings. She said it was all over their news and radio and everyone was talking about it. She said the city ordered evacuation for that area because of it's past flooding history and she said the proof that the store WAS aware of that is easy because they sent their employees out of there and home at 5:00 pm when they are supposed to be open until 9:00 pm.

    So, what, they just decided to let everyone go home early and shut down and risk losing four hours of business on a perfectly fine weather day just because they were feeling nice? No, they shut early because of the flood warnings and the notice of mandatory evacuation.

    I hope the guy trying to blame everyone else instead of take responsibility for the approx. 100 animals lost is out of a job soon. Not only did he/they screw up, but they are trying to pass the buck. Real professional.
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    That's so sad... You'd think that with the river right behind it they would have had the sense to evacuate the animals. I mean, even the Oakdale Mall parking lot behind the Sears there was destroyed, and they're right next to Petco. However, if they really cared about the animals they wouldn't be a pet store like that. So in a way, I think the animals are better off now than they were. JMO. [​IMG]
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    having extensive experience with flooding down here in the low country. 1977, 1983, 1993, 2001 and so forth and so on. My place has never flooded but I have helped plenty of nieghbors and friends whose homes did flood.

    Petco. First thing I have to say is who is Petco? To whom are you refering?

    The manager of Petco, ya'll do realise he lives some where in the community, he may have had his own concerns dealing with his family and home. The employees of that store are in the very same boat, their family, their homes, some times it's a question of priorities.

    Many have judged us here in the aftermath of the hurricanes. Why did he lose all his furniture? Why and how did his boat get blown away? How did his auto flood? Ya'll do realise that when the warning are issued, 24-36 or even 48 hours ahead, a system of priorites takes over. Family, major property, on down the list.
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    Jun 18, 2011
    We get flooded here and threatened with bushfires. I ALWAYS have an 'evacuation kit' in the back of my car over summer. It has a weeks worth of food for the dog and chickens, an extra lead for the dog, a muzzle (he doesn't need it but if you need to evacuate by bus or on a boat they won't let your dog on if they're not muzzled, and leaving my dog IS NOT an option!!!), four litres of water, a change of clothes for me, a radio and woolen blankets.

    I also have made crappy harness and leash sets for my hens. This is because when we had bushfires around here a while ago and I saw people staying in the town hall who had evacuated with their chickens by shoving as many as possible into cat carriers and boxes. It took DAYS before the birds could be let out because resources were so stretched, no enclosure etc.
    I even saw someone driving down the street with their horses running alongside the car because they couldn't hire a float to evacuate them!

    I too would shove all my birds into a cat carrier but with the harnesses I could let them out to at least clean the cat cage properly, but still have them controlled!

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