Pharoah quail gone broody?


7 Years
Feb 1, 2012
I've got a female pharaoh Quail that has been sitting on at least one egg going on 3 days now what is the probability of her sitting until it or they hatch
Congrats! I don't know if there is any % chances here on whether she will continue or not. LOL Depends on the female. She might get off tomorrow, set until day 12 and get off or go full term!

You will have to wait and see if her hormones tell her exactly what to do. Since broodiness has been lost in most quail, this function in her body may or may not work properly to the very end. I would be ready with an incubator if you have one. AND a brooder. Some momma's don't have a clue as to what to do when chicks do hatch and have been known to even kill the chicks.

So just watch her carefully all the way through. I wouldn't disturb her at all. Remove all other birds so she can brood in peace. Keep all barking dogs away, no kid traffic, no night time predators.

Keep us posted!
Hmm, can't say I am an expert on quail. I love the little buggers though. I have been trying to talk my hubby into letting me get some, but he doesn't see any commodity use for them so he keeps saying no. Can you post a picture of your pharaoh on here? I would love to see what she looks like. And do quail make good "companion" birds (meaning do they make friendly pets that can be held and stuff like my Silkies)?
I have had the Japanese quail Bob white and Tennessee Reds so far the Pharaoh and Tibetan are my favorite ones to raise they are very docile they seem to love the attention I've got a couple that don't mind being picked up they laid from what I understand close to 300 eggs per year vs chicken that lay up to I think a hundred and sixty per year I've got chickens, duck, Quail,and geese my favorite to raise are definitely the Quail. thank you two crows I will keep you updated on her status
Hi just wanted to say my jap quail has gone broody and she has been a great sitter here are pics of her
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