Pheasant chick has curling feathers?!


8 Years
May 30, 2011
I'm new here!
I hatched out 2 ring neck pheasants, looks like they will both be boys - they are 8 weeks old and both have spurs developing. They are being fed Gamebird Start and Grow.
One of them has feathers that curl and the other doesn't. The main wing feathers look normal and the feathers around the neck seem normal too.
Any suggestions as to why this is? I am pretty sure they are on the right feed and they are growing like weeds, although they both do not have tail feathers right now...
Thanks for any comments!
I have had some like this in the past. This is usually due to the high protein level in the feed. Most gamebird starter feed is 28-30% protein. At 8 weeks old I have usually changed mine to a feed more around 21-22%.

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