Pheasant chicks hatching with deformed feet.


11 Years
Nov 6, 2008
Southwestern PA
I have hatches several different types of pheasant eggs and most end up having atleast one of their feet with their toes curled under. Why does this happen and how can I prevent it? I try to straighten them out and tape them up, but they still end up being messed up.
I don't believe it is genetics because i had 3 different breeds laying that I was hatching. I keep it at 99.5 with 55-65% humidity. When I bought my pair of yellow golden they were already laying it even laid in the box on the ride home and that egg hatched with a "clenched" foot. So I know it was not what I have been feeding them.
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Are you sure about your temp, I seem to remember its to low of a temp for an extended period of time, what kind of thermometer do you have instant digital or the one that came with or incubator
hygrometer and temp one that I use, but I use a thermopen to check it once in a while to make sure that it is correct. I have seen on a few websites that is what it is supposed to be..I am not sure though you cannot believe everything you read!!
Interested in this 2 I have tried twice hatchin Lady Amherst pheasants and the first hatch out of 6, 2 died before pippin, 2 died shortly after and I ended up helping the last 2 out, both had messed up legs and feet and ended up dieing. 2nd time around only one hatched and its feet are normal and legs seem to be normal but he will not stand on them. I've sold most of their eggs and others have had success, But not me!
your temp/hygrometer the one used for reptiles, or for incubators, what is a thermopen. Some have a n accurey of +/- 2 degrees
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it is used incubators. A thermopen is used for checking the temp of meat, it is digital, plus I have a gun one that is used to scan area to check temp such as asphalt or if you are my husband the temp of a frying pan... So I think getting the same reading with three different methods is pretty accurate.

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