Photos Of Chickens! Show Me Your Chickens! (Also Stories Would Be Great!)


~True Blue~
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Sep 15, 2021
NSW, Australia
I have a mystery.
I have an ISA Brown hen who keeps escaping from the pen. I have clue how she does it.
It would make more sense if she were a small chicken that could fit though all the gaps.... but she's not. She's an ISA Brown.

All the fences are 3 meters tall and wobblily wire that wouldn't hold her weight. Also the whole reason that she is escaping is so she can lay her egg in the rabbit hutch.

*EDIT* I forgot to add that her wings have been clipped. (We didn't clip them!)


~True Blue~
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Sep 15, 2021
NSW, Australia
Today has been hectic.

I went outside early to check the chooks, as you do. I immediately noticed Flash was missing. (She is my favorite, hard to go unnoticed)
I was that concerned. She was probably wondering the yard or something. But when I fed the chickens later, she didn't come running as usual. So I gave a quick look around.... nothing. Not too worried yet. Then I had to go and do a triathlon. So I wasn't back for.... say... 2ish hours. Got home, looked for a bit, still nothing. I thought she had just gone somewhere to lay her egg. Went to the pool. Stayed there for 3ish hours. Came back.... And there she was. Just sitting in the chicken pen like nothing had happened. :mad: But, then I went to check her, and see if she had any injuries. She did. Lots of them. Not big bleeding ones, sort of, scabbed over looking graze thingys. A long one down her crop area, small ones under her wings, and scratches on her feet and legs. We have given her antibiotics to stop the scratches getting infected.
Any clue what could have happened?

Silkie Princess

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Jun 24, 2021
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My Coop
#1. When Did You First Get Chickens?

#2. What Breeds Do You Have Currently?

- 4 hybrid hens
- 6 Silkie roosters
- 8 Silkie hens
- 5 Sablepoot roosters (I'm trying to rehome two of them)
- 7 Sablepoot hens
- a bantam Cochin, Silver Sussex and Gold penciled wyandotte bantam
- a crele wyandotte bantam rooster

- Salmon Faverolle
-White Silkie
- 3 green egg laying hybrids
- 6 Silkie X Silver Sussex mixes

#3. How Many Chickens Do You Have Right Now?

45 including chicks and roosters
#4. Do You Have A Favourite Breed?
1. Silkies 2. Bantam Cochins 3. Salmon Faverolles

#5. What Was Your Silliest Chicken Ever?

#6. Who Was / Is Your Favourite Chicken?
Crooksie (RIP) ... But I love all of them

#7. Do You Have Any Strange Stories About Your Chickens?
Too many... My hand would fall off

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