Pick up from Meyer's

crooked stripe

12 Years
Jan 14, 2008
N.E Ohio- Suffield



6 Ameraucana chicks. I was suprised on the different colors.
Sebrightmom, I just noticed you are from Greencastle. Years back a friend and I made homing pigeon drops from the high school there. It is a 300 air mile trip back home for the birds. Almost all the pigeons made it back home before we did. The club paid us 50 bucks each and paid for our gas and food. Good deal in the 60's when we where 18 years old. I do know there was a lot of money placed on the winning birds. There was a fellow from Greencastle that met us there so he could get the fertile eggs. Always a dozen or so laying on the floor of the trailer floor. It is fun to watch 500 birds deciding which way to fly to get home.
I also was surprised to see a variety of EE colors at my local feed store this year. I scooped up a couple that were not chipmunk marked.
Does anyone have a place to see different color variations in EE adults? I didn't know there where different colors. How true does the color markings stay in mature birds?

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