Pics of Barred Rocks, are they close?


9 Years
Mar 14, 2010


My Barred Rock flock. They are 28 weeks. No eggs yet. Do you think they are getting close?? Should I feed them anything other than layer pellets?
Wow, 28 weeks and no eggs! They look like they're ready to lay! I have 2 BR at age 20 wks. and no eggs yet for me either! Does anyone know if BR lay later?
One of my RIR just started laying & I took this picture of her today. Shes 25 weeks but I'm sure they all lay when i
ts their day. You never know. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!
You have beautiful rocks. They are my FAVORITE breed!!!!! Yours looks so clean. I live in Ga and poor Oprah has red clay stains...
I forgot to mention. I asked the guy I bought my chickens from Hey when will they lay the guy said 25 weeks & sure enough bingo. Probably just coincidence.
My BR were 27 and 30 weeks old when they started laying.. BUT their combs were much more red and a little larger than yours are. It seems the combs grew and changed over just a few days after they reached this stage... Keep waiting--it will happen..

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